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Greenscapes Environmental Experience Survey and Experiments!

What Is Our Project?

Our natural environment matters – our land, our water, our air and environment, as well as the plants and creatures can all influence our health, our well-being, our interactions with each other, our communities, and our economy. Therefore, it is important to understand our environment to ultimately protect and nurture it.
Towards this aim, GEESE offers you opportunities to learn about and be part of fun, educational initiatives to promote environmental health. This can promote your wellbeing as well as those around you. We encourage you to use this platform to be informed and involved!.

What is this about?
GEESE the aims of this platform and our research are to enhance the practice of environmental health to provide a healthy, safe and attractive natural and social environment for all communities. This platform is your entrée into an initiative towards this goal.
Environmental Health Australia

Environmental health refers to how the environment influences the health of people and their communities. While environmental health is different from environmental protection there are many overlaps. Environmental health is “those aspects of human health determined by physical, biological, and social factors in the environment.”
Environmental health issues include safe drinking water supplies, recreational use of water, sewage management, public swimming pools, toxicology, microbial control, air quality, waste management, and basic hygiene, and many industries and their waste products. Environment-NSW Health

Environmental health provides the basis of public health. Improvements in sanitation, drinking water quality, food safety, disease control, and housing conditions have been central to the significant improvement in quality of life and longevity experienced over the last hundred years. Environmental health practice addresses emerging health risks arising from the pressures that human development places on the environment.
The Department of Health

In the last 100 years there has been major progress in environmental health, particularly through better sanitation and clean drinking water. This has increased our quality of life and made our lives longer. Environmental health in Australia is good compared to the rest of the world. But things like remoteness of some people and communities, population growth and extreme weather events can put pressure on our environment. These changes can affect our access to clean water and food, expose us to different diseases and cause power outages.

We need to make sure we’re prepared for these changes so they don’t affect our health.
The Department of Health

GEESE offers you opportunities for all ages, to:

  • Be a community researcher – learn about or contribute to projects promoting environmental health that gets things growing!
  • Explore our resources to learn through active observing
  • Gain tips on how to apply your learning productively in your local area or school
  • Connect and collaborate with others

    How Can I Be Involved?

  • You can register to be a participant on our research – Click below button for registration page
  • Or you can simply explore and make use of our GEESE website and its information and links to learn about how to be healthy while taking care of your environment